Thursday, July 30, 2009

Crazy Morning

Danny's Room n Balloons.....he loves to watch them
They just came back from surgery!Still trying very hard to "UP" him out of here...guess I talk so much about the movie we should watch it, LOL
This morning has been NUTS here. Danny woke in the middle of the night crying as he peed, but then feel back asleep with some pain meds. He woke up this morning around 7 and was in an ok mood.....until he had a Seizure and then chain events to wretching, UGH. We administered Diastat so Danny is peacefully sleep right now. Once he settled down I cleaned him up, lotioned him up and did his trache cares so now he can just rest. Danny's temp has gone up some, but his heart rate and blood pressure are still high. His Sodium and Magnesium levels are low still too, so on top of the pain factor I'm sure this all aided in his seizure this morning. Poor lil man! I think he just wants to play with his nurse today, LOL. He definately has been keeping he busy, LOVE YOU MONICA! I did talk to Dr Durkee this morning about the surgery and now we ALL are on the same page....The left kidney that they had the stent for last week had the "pocket cyst" in the upper lobe of the kidney. He opened the pocket that measured about 1cm and there was NOT a stone in it but the starting of was filled with white goo. Dr D opened it, drained it, and cleaned it out. Then he went for the right side which we know his a 4mm stone in it....well the ureter on the right is just as narrow as the left so they had to put a stent in to stretch that out. I am awaiting to see when they can get him on the surgery schedule in the next 1-2 weeks. I'm sure that we will NOT be able to bust out of here before Monday. So IF we can get his home feeds tolerated , IF we can get his electrolytes better, IF he can tolerate oral pain meds, IF the home care delivery can get all the new trache stuff to the house, we might be able to go on Monday. Now if they schedule Danny for surgery Wednesday or before of next week then we'll just stay here and GET 'R DONE. Anything further out, and if all the IF's are in place then I'd rather go home for awhile. Danny and I haven't been home since June 14th, it's been a LONG TIME. Another summer shot in the ass but I can only hope this means for better summers down the road. HOPING!!!!!!!
Wow ~ what a morning! Jammie day for me :) I'm eating brunch right breakfast really didn't sound good and I was hungry so I went down and got some steak, pasta, and grilled veggie. Works for me!

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