Friday, July 3, 2009

Today Danny got out of bed and into his wheelchair for a lil while when he was on his bipap break. He did pretty well~ Way to go lil man! It's ALWAYS nice to see him up and out of bed
This morning's visitor....BIRDIE! Thanks for coming to visitAngel Face Today I got the results back from the sleep study.....I was right! Machine vs Danny isn't compatible as the bipap isn't picking up his shallow breaths and will give him puff when his is breathing on his own. Resulting in him fighting the bipap....UGH! So with that being the last piece of the puzzle we are going to sit down with the majority of his specialists in a Care Conference and discuss the doing the Trach. If that is what he needs then Trach it is. Maybe just maybe someone in the Conference will have an idea, so we'll have to see how it goes. The next few days with being a Holiday and a Weekend I don't have to worry about making any BIG decisions right away, so it will be a very low key few days. WHEW!
Dan drove the RV up North to be with Avrianna for the BIG North for the Fourth festivities. I so miss you deeply!!!! I haven't see her in over a week and the phone calls just don't cut it! I'm used to being with her all the time too and I'm so sad that it's another holiday without us being together. She is having a blast shopping, playing , and entertaining at Papa's house which makes it alil better, but I wish I could just hold my lil girl. That would make me feel like things are alright. We still need to sit down with her and let her know what's going on with her brother and with me. So far we've sheltered her with the details about all this.
I met a very nice mom while down here and we've hit it off. So we've been doing lil coffee clutches, stopping at each others rooms, and doing ice cream runs. It's so nice to be able to unload, vent, and chat with someone. She's as spunky as me, LOL and we have alot of similarities. How cool to find a new friendship out of all of this craziness. Well we're off for ice cream!

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Brenda said...

Danny, you look great sitting up in your chair!! Keep up the good work, buddy!! Hugs