Thursday, July 23, 2009

One Month in CHOW

One month ago Danny was ambulanced down to Milwaukee like this........YIKES!This whole sickness started on June 11 so we've been dealing with hospitals since the 14th of June but it's been one month of us being down here in CHOW.
Today he's looking so darn GOOD! Yesterday Danny slept not only all through the night but ALL day too. I was alil nervous of what last night was in store for, but he slept till 5:30. Can't really ask for much there, Woo hoo! He continues to be in alot of discomfort and needing more pain meds then not, but at least we are in the hospital so we CAN give him the meds he so requires right now. I'm sure it has ALOT to do with the stent in his body. And when I say stent.....I mean STENT. I had thought it was alil mess inserted in the opening maybe about half the length of my pinkie, at best. Well after seeing the stent on the xray, HOLY CRAP. This thing curls in his bladder runs up his ureter and curls in his kidney. So a metal mess runs from the just above his peepee and stops about mid line of his left rib cage. It's HUGE!! I've heard from some that there is alil discomfort and I've heard from other that after 3 days it HAD to be taken out cuz it was SO PAINFUL. I guess with Danny's actions he is on the painful side, oh but of course. Again I'm just glad he is in here so he can get the pain meds at a high dose to help him out.
Yesterday my Dad and Laurie came to visit for awhile. I was a nice time! Glad they were able to come down and see us. Thanks guys! So I did have a moment when they were here..... Either I'm loosing my mind, too tired, or my MS is flaring, cuz I was playing cribbage with my dad (we ALWAYS do that) and I couldn't count properly. WTF! It was almost scary how dazed I was and how much Help I needed. I just about wanted to cry after they left. What the heck is wrong with me!!!
This morning I am already showered and have one cup of coffee under my belt. Lil man is not totally awake today either. So I think it's going to be one of those days again. Which is ok...he needs to catch up on his sleep and get better so we can BUST OUT OF HERE! I had to get protective of one of my primaries this morning. Common sense for consistency....a nurse whom had Danny for multiple days plus she down as Danny's primary, over a nurse whom had him for one day...which one would you chose? So glad the charge nurse is doing her job in rounds, NOT. I fixed it no worries, just the same old game new day with this place. I'm sure I stepped on someones toes, but we want consistency with lil man. Not that the nurse yesterday was good, it's just I want his primaries as much as possible.
Not sure what the "plan" is today, but for the most part we are sitting tight here until the kidney surgery. So it looks like a stay of 2-3 weeks more....sigh. But if we can get him in tip top shape, we can stay away longer!

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