Friday, July 3, 2009

Another Move

We are in ANOTHER ROOM now, room #513 direct line (414)337-8133. Our last move!
Ok this is getting alil ridiculous....two moves in 24 hours, well actually 3 if you count the move down to the sleep lab last night. I'm so glad that sleep study is over with and I can't wait to see what the results are. I haven't heard anything as of yet, but I didn't really anticipate I would hear something today either.
Danny did have some issues this morning when we came back to ICU after sleep lab with wretching. I went to vent him to find out that ALL the meds that we gave him at 8pm last night were still sitting in his tummy this morning at 8am..UGH! His tummy stopped working and is in some state of paralysis. The GI doctor stated it could take weeks, month, year, or never for kiddos to get their tummies back, ok that sums it up, LOL. So Danny went down this afternoon and had a pick line implanted in his right arm. A pick line is a glorified IV that runs (in Danny's instance) in his arm, up the arm, and down into the heart. He did time a seizure just right...they treated him diastat, just before we left for IR. So no added drugs to make him sleepy, diastat works great. Now that he has a pick line the labs can't come around poking him all the time, :). They started TPN and lipids.....along with stool replacment, yeap can't believe that. one. As he is pooping too much so they are trying to repalce he needs.
Unfortunately they had to put it right where his arm bends, so I hope it's good for a long time and doesn't get pinched off.We (as Dan came to visit today) were able to finally talk to Dr Beste, the ENT doc, and he statement was that he has run out of trick to pull out of his bag for Danny. It's been a long road and we've done everything to get get even this far. So he really thinks the TRACH is the next step for Danny, but..........he would like to see/hear about the sleep study first. ME TOO :) I am hoping that tomorrow we get the sleep study results. We were back in isolation once again today, but then taken off late tonight....they wanted another C Diff test so they were waiting negative results (which they were again).
Well heading to bed....VERY TIRED ~ NITE! Sorry will update more tomorrow

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