Friday, July 10, 2009

VRE Positive

This morning was Spa day for Danny. I gave Danny a sponge bath, washed his hair, and did his trache cares. What a clean boy!! Then we changed the bedding for both our beds. He is having an AWESOME day....all smiles and no pain meds on board. It's been a great day UNTIL........... lab called and Danny has test positive for VRE . UGH!! So much for me taking Danny out of the room on a road trip, as we are now in isolation once again. I should have gone out earlier with lil man, heehee. I've been doing really good with changing the dressing on his trache and suctioning :) WAY TO GO MOM!Today Avrianna called to talk with Danny and once I put the phone to his ear...a HUGE smile came across his face. Unfortunately I wasn't able to catch it on camera but the picture is still cute. Avrianna decided to stay up with Papa Dan & Nana Claudia (yea going on 2 weeks up there) so can we say SPOILED ROTTEN!!! It's all good , I'm so glad they are able to spend time together and make wonderful memories together. I remember the times at grandmas and Dan reminisces about his time with's unfortunate the circumstances of why she is there, but I can rest a sure that she is having a blast up there. Thanks for taking care of my lil girl Papa Dan & Nana Claudia.......I LOVE YOU GUYS.

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