Thursday, July 9, 2009

SoSo Couple of Days

Danny continues to breathe SO WELL! I'm still in amazement on how wonderful he is doing. As you can see Froggie and Danny are BOTH breathing MUCH better. Thanks KATIE!He is smiling and sucking on his tongue while sleeping, which are things he never has done before. LOVE IT!He is having ALOT of pain issues.....NOT related to the trache surgery. We are thinking either the kidney stone has moved or his gut really took a hit with all the antibiotics/illness this time. We are running more tests today to see if we can pin point the problem. Good thing is he is on some pretty impressive pain killers righ now causing him to be "snowed" and he still is breathing on his own with no machines, no desating.....IT'S GREAT!
It's so nice to have made a good friend while here...amazing how you meet someone and you just click. Lil 6month Kolton's mom, Kerri.....we are way too much alike and we could cause some serious terrible if we put our head together for too long, lol. We've both been a great support system for eachother. I don't know what I'm going to do when they leave....she's so wonderful. Kolton is Danny's new friend and he's touched my heart right from the start, he's another miracle boy, and I've enjoyed getting my baby fixes with him. Kolton was born with cancer and he is a ROCK STAR, after 8 rounds of chemo he is mass free, WOOHOO. He is not out of the woods yet as he still has 2 weeks of radiation in his future, but he's a lil fighter. GOOD LUCK lil Kolton you will always be in my thoughts n prayers.

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