Thursday, July 16, 2009

Avrianna and Dan came to visit us was WONDERFUL to have them here. I miss them SO MUCH! Avrianna had a surprise waiting for her from child life here on the floor......her puppy who of course is trached, LOL. It was so cute every time we would have to suction Danny she would get her supplies out and suction her puppy, Mia. One of Avrianna's favorite pass times, laying in bed with her brother watching TV.Danny has been up since 4 this morning back to his spastic and tremoring ways....UGH. That continued till about 11 and then he got a PCA pump. I couldn't stand see him like that any longer! So now his is getting a continuous drip of Dilaudid to hopefully aid in keeping him more comfortable all the time then these highs n lows over n over. It seemed to have taken the edge off today, so I can only hope that this works until we can get/find the cause of his discomfort. The other option is these episodes are related to a dysautonomia condition. That has been set off due to all the medical issues and procedures Danny has gone through in the last month. Which after reading up on it more.....alot of it make sense as to the gut and spasticity issues going on all of sudden. NEVER EVER a dull moment, right? LOL
Dan was able to do his training today when he was here with the trache cares on Danny. He cleaned the stoma area, did trache tie changes, did most of the suctioning, and watched as I pulled out my first trache doing the trache change. WHEW ~ First one under my belt, now I just have to put one in. Dan and I both had to be trained on the new home equipment Danny will need once he's able to go home and then we had an updated CPR training for a child with a trache. We are getting closer and closer to being able to go home, now we just have to whip Danny into shape, LOL.
Here are some pictures of the new you can see it is coming along very nicely. Talk about another stresser on our list of NEVER ENDING DULL moments in our life, but seeing the pictures ......WOW and it's not even completed yet! ** Remember the house in the VBHA Parade of Homes with Custom Family Homes by Mike VanHoof ~ starting August 15th so stop on by to see the all finishing details & the handicap accessibility of our home.
Here are some bits n pieces of the place ~
Danny's room....with some of the lifting systems
Custom made shower lounge for lil man
Mstr Bath cabinets
Avrianna's bathKitchen
The Great RoomFront garage view

The Front
The Back

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Debi Walters said...

Oh boy Lori. I haven't been on the computer much this summer and just today decided to check in on all my blog and caringbridge buddies. I couldn't believe everything Danny has gone through this summer. It sounds like things are starting to come along. I will pray that he gets to come home soon!!
Debi Walters