Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Doesn't this face just pull on the heart strings or what?! Unfortunately this is pretty much the only face we've been able to see while Danny was awake today. So he's been snowed just about ALL day and we'll continue to keep him comfortable over the evening. UGH! Tomorrow he goes in to have his kidney stone blasted around 2, so we'll see if that is what is causing some of this pain.
Today Danny didn't tolerate his feedings and morning meds. He woke up around 3am wretching and then again wretched some of his mornings meds...so we didn't even attempt to give him any more. The docs stopped his feeds once again so Danny is back on TPN/lipids and they put all of his meds back on as IV. So we are now back to ground zero, no farther ahead from when we started this venture 1 month ago on Danny's Gi issues, UGH!
Danny did get his first trache change today by the ENT doc. I watched very closely and I don't think it's really going to be a big deal. It's just the concept of where it's going that kind of give me the chilly willy's at times. I'm sure after a couple changes it will be a breeze. I will change the trache myself tomorrow and we'll just see how it goes. I am so glad we were able to get the first one out today ....it was time. The neck ties were getting nasty and smelly, YUCK.
Danny is getting (as I type) a Foley cath as he hasn't had an impressive output of urine today. I'm sure it's do the the increase in the baclofen pump and/or the increase of heavy pain killers that have sedated him for most of the day. Well hopefully the cath will at least open his "area" to help aid in the passing of the stone particles once blasted tomorrow. I'm sure after the surgery he is going to be in some added discomfort at first as he passes these things so I'm sure he will be sedated even more in the next few days. At least the stone will be taken care of as we know it's an issue and then we can cross that off of Danny's pain factors list.....for now.

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Becky and Regan said...

My poor baby! That just makes me ill to see him like that :(