Friday, July 24, 2009

Surprise Visits

Yesterday was a VERY low key and uneventful day. I sat around and dozed off watching tv most of the morning. Lil man is so sleeping now, most of the day and night now he sleeps. Talk about a different boy. It's amazing what happens when he gets all his routine meds, heehee. Danny's nurse Lisa (We LOVED her) kicked me out of the room for awhile yesterday so Kerri (baby Kolton's mom) and I took a walk across the street to The City Market, which is a lil pastry coffee shop. They had the cutest flower n butterfly cookies there....I couldn't resist buying a couple for Avrianna. Just as I was picking the right ones out for her....the phone rings. "Mom, where are you?" Here Dan and Avrianna did a surprise visit ~ That was so wonderful! I can't believe Avrianna held that secret in :)
I got an email from one of the nurses that are interested in helping me out with Danny when we get home. He is flying into Milwaukee from his vacation and wanted to stop by and meet us before he heads home. Unfortunately his vacation was cut short as his dad passed away yesterday my thoughts are with him and his family. How amazing his still wants to take time to meet us :) Guess I need to take a shower then today, Don't want to scare him off already, LOL.
I feel as if Danny is going well now.....he is still in pain but until the stone and stent are out I think Danny will be dealing with it. We are pretty much in a "holding pattern" right now as to when Danny can get into surgery again. They are going to do some looking into it today of when he can go back in. In a perfect world...I would like to see if Danny could get into surgery the beginning of the week next week, recover well without too many set backs, and then go home the end of next week to the beginning of the next. I'm shooting for 2 more weeks here. That way if we get out sooner I'll be pleasantly surprised but if we had to stay alil longer I won't be too devastated (but devastated I will be).
Here are some of the last pictures I am going to post on here, until the Parade of Homes is done, of the new house. Don't miss out...check out the house during the Parade of Homes starting August 15th. The home was built by Mike VanHoof from Custom Family Homes.
Danny's Custom built Firetruck changing table....made by Steve Lockhart and many part graciously donated by Pierce Truck employees
Avriann's bedroom underwater MuralLandscaping

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