Saturday, January 31, 2009

Senior Moment

This evening I gave Danny and hair cut, bath, and a new G-tube. But I have realized that after a long day NOT to take on too much in the evening as the Senior Moments happen.....hence to "new" hair do (ok Erin can you fix this one, LOL)

This is what happens when you are trimming his neck line and then forgetting to put the attachment BACK ON when cutting the hair, argh! As I'm cussing myself out Danny is laughing, figures. If it wasn't so darn cold out (but we hit 35 today, this is the first day in 34 days to hit above's a heat wave, NOT) I'd shave the whole back and let it grow in together. THANK GOD it happened in the back of his head and no one will really know (except me!). Of course I have an artist coming over on Monday to take close up shots of the kids for life like statues I'm having made of them for in the new house. It's a good thing it's in the sorry buddy. As you can see even after the hair cut his hair is still very thick (except in that spot) and wavy so I'm hoping it will camouflage it more. I'm so glad the bath and the new G-tube (I replace his every 3 months) went better then the hair cut. It's not that I did anything really tiring today but I did get alot done.

I had a visit with another mother in the Valley that has a special needs child and two "normal" children. She was here for a good part of the afternoon and it was GREAT! So nice to talk to others that "get it" and be able to share our son's milestones ie: holding a head up for a few seconds, no seizures, hitting a switch to activate a toy. You don't know how many times I can tell someone that Danny held his head up for 10 seconds by himself.....and then get the look as if yeah he's five and it was just 10 seconds. They don't get it!!! She too is building a new home so we shared ideas about the accessibility for our boys(yes our current home is still for sale, check out the link to the left in Our Stories for info). It was wonderful to see how they interact together. Another bond and friendship I hope to continue for many years to come. Thanks again for coming over.

After they left I finished making the Superbowl goodies. It's just going to be us but thought it would be nice to have our own mini Superbowl party. We are not BIG football fans but you have to watch the Superbowl for the commercials, right? Tomorrow morning Danny and I are going to take a ride to the new house and take some pictures of the progress there, then off to my aunt's house for lunch. There we are having a birthday party for my niece and mom (aka Nanny). Dan and Avrianna should be home before the kick off .... if not more for me to eat, heehee. I made taco dip, ham rolls, beer bread and spinach dip, subs, and I have strawberries, kiwi, & blueberries so Avrianna will be totally excited about that....she is a fruit fly!

I am also going to surprise Avrianna when she gets home ..... I signed her up for Gymnastics again once we get back down to Florida....she is going to flip, REALLY. I took her out of Gymnastics last year because of her spleen being enlarged and with her on the bars, climbing ropes and such I knew that we were farting around with now that her spleen is out and that she has ALL this EXTRA energy, Go Baby GO!

Have a great Superbowl Day and be Safe! Take care

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Meghan said...

Hah! I did that once to Jeromy, except it was on the side of his head. Forgot to put the comb back on the clipper... I was having a bad day that day anyway, and Mike wisely said nothing at all about it until the next day!