Saturday, January 17, 2009

Nice Day

Well despite the way the morning turned out it was a nice day. This morning when I woke up in the early am and I heard an unknown noise coming from Danny's video monitor that is at my bedside, so I checked it out. He was making a gurgling bubbly noise while he was sleeping when the Bipap blew in for his inhale (he tends to make this noise when congested) which I've heard before so thought nothing of it .... I checked the pulse ox his stats & heart rate were fine so I went back to bed. Once I got up for the day I hung his bipap tubing and nasal cannula up when water started dripping out of the tubing, OMG it was blowing water directly into his nose last night. Danny stats still are great but can't help but wonder how much blew into his lungs, ARGH!! Danny was still congested last night and the pulmonary doc always said I could increase the heat to the water reservoir warming the water producing more humidity. Well that I guess it also makes more water in the lines?? I won't be warming the water any more, that's just scary. It could have drown him, NOT cool. Danny has been great all day so crossing my fingers that he continues. Danny got to bond with his Daddy for most of the day as Avrianna and I were gone. So I'm sure Danny was jamming out the Stevie Nicks, The Outlaws, and Bruce Springstein watching his daddy dance around the living room like a crazy man. LOL! Danny just enjoys it when something...anything is going on around him. He is such a busy body, I don't know where he gets that from, heehee.
Avrianna went to her first Sibshop activity and she absolutely loved it. This is a program for the sibling (age 6+) of a special needs child. A place where they can play, talk, and be involved with peers that are going through some of the same things. As being a sibling to a special needs child has got to be some hard shoes to fill....I can only imagine! She herself having a disorder but then having to deal with her brothers lifestyle too. Avrianna is my inspiration and my role model, she ROCKS. What a wonderful, compassionate, lil lady she is becoming.
While she was there I went out with Connie , her kids were at the sibshop too and Joe was bonding with Grif. Girls afternoon out, YAY! We went out for lunch, did some shopping, and we were able to have an adult conversation without ANY distractions. Oh My, it was wonderful! To hang out without kids and enjoy our time out alone. It snowed outside the whole time, but we didn't care, it was pretty and peaceful.
Avrianna is being our waitress is so cute! We are going to bake some cookies together soon so better wrap things up. Danny's hanging out in bed, like always. He is enjoying the last few days in his brace (lil sarcasm here), lol, as there are 5 days left. I am very nervous and excited for the brace to come off. My thought is it's going to be freeing but very painful! He cries and tremors when I just lift is leg up slightly to change the pads so I can only imagine what kind of discomfort he is going to be in after the support is gone. It's amazing how you can dislike something so much but still like having it around. I'm afraid of it being off and what kind of pain Danny is going to feel. So far this recovery has gone well but I have this voice telling me things are really going to start to get exciting around here once that brace is off. Any words of wisdom from you hip surgery veterans it would be great!! I just don't want to hurt him, I'm scared to death.
Take care! It is finally going to start to warm up around here....we are going to get to the 30's WOOHOO! Let's get the shorts out, NOT! It's going to be 70 degrees warmer tomorrow then yesterday was, can you believe that. WOW!
Please continue to keep Zachary and Cameron in your thoughts as they both still have a long road ahead of them. You can follow their stories they are to the left.

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