Tuesday, January 27, 2009

25 Random Things about Me ~ 2nd Post of Day

I did this fun activity on Facebook and thought I would share!

1. Touching bare wood makes my teeth grind like finger nails down a chalk board
2. I still have a nasty habit of chewing my nails...Do as I say not as I do, lol.
3. Sean Connery's voice is AMAZING!
4. Who drinks wine by the bottle now when it comes in a box
5. I absolutely LOVE being a mother
6. My life as I knew it changed forever the day my son Danny was born, I love you buddy!
7. I swear I have OCD - I'm anal at trying to make EVERYTHING right
8. I'm adictted to FB it's so great getting back in touch with old friends and staying in touch with new ones.
9. Would LOVE to drop another 10lbs, but not sure how to do it.
10. I love telling medical staff my new statement.. I'm not out to make friends here I'm here to make my child well so DO YOUR JOB. Yeah I'm shy, NOT!
11. Telling a mother of a special needs child "You're a great advocate for your child"...Is just a nice way of saying you're a Royal Bit*$, lol.
12.I don't like the beach...sand in a wheelchair is a mess,swimming in water that has something that could eat me freaks me out,
13. I can't wait till we can adopt another child...some say I'm NUTS, but ......you never really know now do you
14. I could be a RN (not by choice) with all the training for my kids
15. Chocolate covered Strawberries are a HUGE weakness
16. I'm scared to death that my son is going to pass away, but most of all.....what will happen to him if I go first.
17. I met my husband when we worked together and couldn't STAND HIM at first
18. Always said I would never date someone younger, shorter, or with red hair and found my husband is all three...how would have thought, lol
19. Looking back on the nights I could sleep uninterupted and MISS them terribly
20. Find myself feeling jealious when I see children my son's age or younger that can do more then he.
21. Thrive on giving my children EVERY opportunity possilbe for them to be ALL they can be
22. Actually I am used to driving my full size van (the bus), heehee, even though I bucked having to drive it.....Where's my Mustang, lol
23. Really looking forward to my postponed (16 year) class reunion this summer
24. Feel soory for the guy that marries my daughter....I've created an independent drama queen, lol
25. Life is NOT measured by the breathes we take, but by the MOMENTS that take your breath away. LIVE LAUGH LOVE....you NEVER know what tomorrow is going to bring

Give it a try it's kind of fun!!

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