Thursday, January 15, 2009

1 week from TODAY!

I am amazed how fast the six weeks went....well at least for myself, for Danny it might have been a different story. Next week Thursday he is free from his brace, YAY!! Dan and I were recapping the recovery and it went so well, as I had anticipated the worst. Danny's recoveries in the past have tended to swing towards the worst rather then OK. So I am pleasantly surprised! Thursday night when we get home Danny has a date with the tub.........and he is going to soak soak soak to get the sweaty surgery stink off of him. The sponge bathes just don't do the trick. I am going to leave his bed in the living room as that too has turned into a good change. It is so nice to have Danny comfy and part of the family ALL THE TIME! Laying him on a couch just doesn't do the trick either plus when I lay him on the couch he consumes the whole thing now..he just doesn't listen when I tell him to STOP GROWING, LOL! Yesterday and last night Danny started to get VERY the point where he was crackling when he took a breath. I am not excited about that, but his oxygen stats are good right now and I have ALL the equipment to intervene if he should get worse. He had once apnea episode during his nap yesterday but if was brief. Today he seems better but I will be watching him close today. I contribute alot of the junkiness to him laying down all day.
I haven't heard how Ms Maria is doing since her fall, but might call her today. With a broken nose I'm sure she isn't feeling GREAT! We are thinking of you Ms Maria!
With school being closed today (we are already at -41, OMG) Danny isn't going to have therapy today either. Boy therapy just isn't working out for lil man this year, I hope this isn't going to be the way the rest of the year goes, ugh! Guess he is just stuck with me, LOL. I am going to give him a sponge bath today and really stretch him out, so I'm sure he will take a nap this afternoon. Avrianna still has her school today......snow/cold days don't effect her, heehee. I know I'm mean!
Cameron and Zachary are still in the hospital so please continue to pray and check out their sites. Thanks for following our story! Stay warm today! If interested check out our current house that is for sale (link also to the left). Please sign our guestbook or make a comment and let us know you stopped by.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Guys,

Sending you all lots of love and hugs, still think of you often but life has been a lil hectic since Declan gained his wings.


Caz and ^^ Declan ^^ xxx