Sunday, January 25, 2009

So Happy Video

Can you tell he is a Clean and HAPPY boy? Totally love this!

Avrianna is ecstatic cuz her cousin Tyler came over the play with her today and he brought over more fish for her fish bowl. Way to redeem yourself Auntie Brenda, lol. She now how 7 in her red fish bowl, WOW. Let's see how many make it the next 24 hours, heehee.

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WhitneyBooze said...

I watched the video - too cute.
Does he have seizures often? That sure didn't loook like a seizure to me. I hope if Suzy is having them I would be aware.........
oh boy... something else to worry about.
Anyway, I am glad that Danny got cleaned up, and is looking mighty fine.
Have you seen my website today? It's not a good day for me.
Hugs to you,
Whitney -