Sunday, January 11, 2009


Friday afternoon Papa and Claudia came over to do our celebrating for the holidays. When they first arrived Danny was doing PT so I kicked them out as lil man was paying more attention to the chit chat in the other room then with Mr Dan. Of course Danny then fell asleep either to the doctor outings we were at Friday morning or cuz he was mad I sent them away and he couldn't go along....needless to say no PT was done. Here are some pictures of our great time together. My grandparents came over for dinner too.....I cheated and ordered Chinese but it was GREAT.

Can you say Monkey see Monkey do....that's what I think when I see this picture of these two, heehee. This is Dan and his Dad Dan aka Papa......I will post again with a "Dan Legacy" soon.
Here is our newest addition to the family....Elizabeth, Avrianna's American Girl Doll that she got from Papa & Claudia
How Sweet!
Oh MY....they aren't related are they, Their resemblances are stunning!
The KINGS of BS right here in my living room.....and boy was it flying, LOL. It was such a blast listening to their stories.
The coolest firetruck ~ that Danny got from Papa & Claudia.....this thing does everything...moves every which way, the ladder moves up/down and even spins around, and it has a siren. Everyone enjoyed playing with it. Danny got another firetruck that I can adapt to work with his switch, YAY! This one is just for "SHOW"

Then today Uncle Tim and Amanda came over and we had a WONDERFUL visit. It was so nice to see them again. I realized that they really are not that far away...only about 1.5hr away so once Danny is out of his brace I think we're going to road trip and visit them. It's always a really nice time when we get together with them. We MISS you guys.....thanks for all the goodies. Avrianna is already excited about her week to pick out a dinner (our new twist to dinner...we rotate weeks and once a week someone needs to pick out something new out of a cookbook) as she got two great kids cookbooks from them. They brought wonderful Christmas present for the kids and even a bottle of wine with a dip for us. Uncle Tim and Amanda had their first experience with Wii today as they played bowling with Avrianna. Don't worry guys I won't use them at the wedding....just going to post a few good ones on here, LOL. Thanks again for the great visit we definitely need to get together more often.Yeap his 6 year old God Child beat him at bowling ~ Go Avrianna!!Best Friends FOREVER!!

I hope everyone that is staying warm....we are expected to get highs in the negative teens this week around here....This is just CRAZY!! Take care and please post in our comments or guestbook to let us know you stopped by.

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