Friday, January 2, 2009

Videos!!! 1st post

I think I figured the videos out, Yay! They just take forever to download on here I guess. Here are some videos I took of my lil man (and Ms Avrianna). This first one is of Danny turning on his new Pig switch activated toy he got for Christmas. I tired to adapt Elmo Live but had no such luck yesterday. Well here he is making his toy GO!! I couldn't get him to turn it off...even when we took his hand away from his brace as you can see he clenched onto it....LOL. The boy knows what he wants to play with.

This next one is him watching his Elmo....this is a cool toy. Unfortunately I have to activate it but he really loves listening to him and watching him move around (yeah I know he is "blind" but can you see him "looking" at the toy, YAY!). I know he sees more then he is given credit but I also think he can "see" with his ears....make sense? He also got an iflop...which is also a great toy for him. It is a stuffed frog (you might be able to see it int he background) with headphones on and he plays Danny's CD's (can do mp3's) and the headphones are speakers that light up to the beat of the music. This will catch his eyes too :)

Only I can get the Wii fit and still manage to gain weight, ugh! I only gained 2.5lbs so not too bad but still in the WRONG direction. I guess the butter saturated foods and desserts didn't do me wonders. So Wii and I have to "bond" alil better the next few days. I blame Dan for this one...he is such a GREAT cook and we have so much fun working in the kitchen together (I know, weird) that the past few days I just my routine down. Dan is gone for a few days up North so I will be tackling those extra lbs hard!

I hope you all had a great and safe New Year day and the start of 2009 is a healthy and happy one. Take care! I added some new kiddos to my list of sites I follow if you have time check them out. What a bunch of great kids and families!

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