Friday, January 9, 2009


Yesterday was a day filled of a whole lot of nothing, let me explain. Danny was scheduled to have his first OT but I received an email in the am that the therapist would not be coming out as she woke up with pink eye....thanks for canceling Ms Kristi and we hope you feel better. Hope to see you next week! So the afternoon was pretty much open with the exception of Avrianna's swimming. Well she was suppose to have swimming but when we arrived we found the doors at Club West to be locked and the establishment no longer in business....WTF? No phone call, no letter, no nothing! So needless to say Avrianna was VERY disappointed and had wet eyes as we left to go back home. I will have to find some where else to take her for swimming, sigh. Once we got home I filled the tub up, loaded it with bubbles, and with her swim suit and goggles on in she went, heehee. A mini swim if you will.
Then I got ready to GO OUT! I know I couldn't believe it myself. The neighbors took me out to Waverly for dinner and then we saw Neal McCoy. We had a great time...I even caught his autographed hat that he threw into the audience....I'm never lucky like that, WOW. I got his CD too! But on a somber note.....I had fun and all but reality still seems to slap me in the face, good and bad....I went to use the restroom which of course if FULL at these functions only to find a lady in the first stall had fallen (she had fixed AFO's on and used a cane). The floor was wet because of all the snow and crap outside so I can only assume her cane slipped out from under her and there she laid....with the bathroom full NO ONE was helping her, I was after another women helped me to unlock the door I went into the stall to help her out. I'm sure she was just beside herself not only to have fallen but with her pants still down none the less. Then you have all these drunk women in the bathroom staring, making comments, but not helping....WHATEVER! Thankfully the women who helped unlock the door for me realized I had all I could do to pick her up and helped balance her for me to pull her pants up....she wasn't the lightest, but I couldn't leave her lay there. I didn't want to open the door till her pants were up, to give her some dignity. I felt awful for her and the situation that no one helped her until I came. She was so apologetic and kept saying you don't HAVE to help me......with my reply YES, YES I DO!! I just couldn't get back into the swing of the concert after that, but I still did have a good time overall. I GOT his hat,LOL.

Today was a full day! The kids and I went to Theda Clark to the Children's Specialty clinic to have Avrianna's follow-up appt with the surgeon. She got a GOLD star! Everything looks great! Her hemoglobin was 13.9 OMG that is awesome, no wonder why she is bouncing off the walls as her "normal" was around 9-10. The surgeon stated he was impressed with how well her numbers have progressed and in such a short time. Her platelets are High but with my understanding that too will get better. As her bone marrow has been used to reproducing her blood cells faster all the time with the spleen in and it just has to get use to having no spleen.

I got word today that the family is going to go on a Dolphin excursion in one of the ports on Avrianna's Make A Wish trip. I thought she would LOVE to swim with the dolphins but was unsure if we were going to be able to all go together because of the lack of accessiblity. We ARE, and she is SO EXCITED!!

Danny had his follow up appt with Dr Kasper on his incisions and he to got a GOLD Star too! There is one area the looks as the start of a pressure soar, but we caught it in time so it shouldn't cause too much problems...I just have to keep it clean, lubed, and loosen the brace. Other then that the kids are good! Danny had his PT come out today, but Danny wasn't into it at all. Looks like Ms Maria and Mr Scott Danny the most alert this time. This is what we got............

Poor Danny, the fresh air and out of the house for the first time in 3 weeks must have wiped him out! So no PT for him today, but Mr Dan and I were able to catch up on the goals and things that we are planning on doing for Danny in the next few months. I am so excited to get the therapies back up and running.

Dan's dad is coming tonight to celebrate Danny's birthday, Christmas, and New Years with us so a good time will be had tonight. It's always a blast when Papa and Claudia come down to visit. Avrianna is so excited to hang out with Claudia....these two are TWO PEAS IN A POD, they have SO MUCH FUN together! My grandparents will be joining us for drinks and dinner too so let me tell you the BS will be flying around here. Both my grandfather and Papa Dan are the KINGS of story telling, so I'm thinking I should put one of Danny's diapers on just to be safe, LOL. Well need to get things ready around here before everyone walks in the door at the same time.

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