Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Play Dates

Wow what a busy day yesterday was.....for Avrianna. I love it when play dates are here, they keep her busy so she's not stuck up my behind for "things" to do. My nephew ended up spending the night Sunday (he didn't have school yesterday) and played with Avrianna ALL day yesterday, YAHOO! It was great...people think I'm nuts to have more kids around, but I love it! The more the merrier. Then in the afternoon a friend of mine came over with her 3, bring them on. The older kids were down stairs having a blast and we had the younger ones upstairs with us. Her daughter Maggie is such a hoot...I forgot what it like around the house when an infant can walk. She's on the go and VERY fast she keep me on my toes, lol. It was great to see Jack again (his website link is to the left) too. I'm just amazed at what he can do and what he acknowledged, Way to GO Jack!! It was great to have some adult conversation, Yay some normalcy around here. So to add it up I had 6 kids here at once and LOVED every minute of it.
Danny thinks he needs to get up at the crack of dawn...no even earlier to chit chat and then falls asleep when the rest of the house is getting up. So I'm looking forward to sleeping through the night.......ONE of these nights, lol. He is doing so well. I didn't need to wean him out of the brace and he is tolerating MY therapy more and more, yahoo. I am going to call today to see if I can get more PT for him going...better to stretch him more after surgery!!
Did I tell you how much I HATE winter!! This cold weather just has to stop. Once again in the -20's and I'm NOT liking it, not one bit. My skin is looking like an albino lizard, Florida here we come. We have the count down up on our calendar and 18 days can NOT come soon enough. Well I need to get the kids in the shower and get stuff accomplished (I've been addicted to facebook lately so haven't done anything yet this morning but putzing on there) before my meeting on the new house at 12 and then Danny's therapy at 2:15 with Ms Maria and Mr Scott. Yeap this is the first therapy since Ms Maria's fall so we'll have see how the broken nose is doing....we MISSED you Ms Maria. I am hoping Danny will nap through the morning and will be ready in the afternoon for them. Today the Principle of the school is coming out too to check out the home bound setting and how it's working....told Danny it's not good that at age 5 that the principle wants to see you already, heeehee.
Have a great day! Take care and stay WARM!! Our current house is still for sale and the link to the info and pictures on it is to the left in "Our Stories" , check it out if interested. Please sign our guestbook or make a comment to let us know you stopped by!

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