Friday, January 30, 2009

Occupational Therapy

Yesterday Ms Kristi (OT) came out to play with Danny and of course she got the same old same old from Danny.....NOTHING! For whatever reason he chooses NOT to participate with Ms Kristi on a normal basis. I know he has sensory issues but I would think it would be fun to play with the stuff she brings out, I guess his fun and our fun are two different things. Here's Ms Kristi ... she even brought out water...he LOVES water! For a moment here I thought just maybe he was going to play with her but then....He turns his head and TUNES her SASSY!!!Or he'll try this one during her time! ARGH boys!!

We have a running joke that it must be Thursday' the other therapies are at the same time of day just different days and he does fine with them. So it's not the's got to be the day,lol. Next week we have a dental appt on Thursday during Ms Kristi's time so maybe we can fake him out and have her come a different day...then we'll see what he does, heehee.

On a more serious note: I caught rumor that Danny's previous OT from Birth to Three was called to serve her county over seas. We'll be thinking of you Ms Becky! Stay safe and we are hoping for a speedy return back to your lil boy and family.

Dan and Avrianna went back up to Tomahawk early this morning (6:30am early), so once again a VERY quiet house. I'm thinking if the weather is nicer Danny and I will attempt to venture out (to the grocery story, for Super bowl snackies) for new change of pace. Avrianna is NOT a morning person so to wake her up and get her out the door was a challenge. With tears flowing she left....she didn't want to leave me and Danny, how sweet. But I informed her that in 2 weeks we'll be in Florida together and it'll be JUST us for 2.5 months so she'll be with with us enough. So I told her and encouraged her to GO and spend time with her Daddy, Papa & Claudia. She would rather sit around the house with me and go out the grocery store for fun, then to go ice skating and sledding, NOT! I think she was just an emotional wreck from being woken up. Well hope you are having fun Avrianna!!! Danny and I are doing just fine :o) I will update and take picture more often so Avrianna can check out her Brother. She is an AWESOME big sister!! We Love you Avrianna!

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