Saturday, January 3, 2009

Visit from the Niemuth's

Today we got a visit from our good friends Connie, Griffin, and Rhiannon. We had a great time! The girls played very well together (Avrianna had to be reminded again that she had surgery and she needed to relax once she came to me the second time with her tummy aches, sigh), Connie and I had a few cocktails, and the boys laid around being the good boys they are. Danny was not into the visit too much, he seemed wiped out today. Avrianna got into Danny's bed to hang out with him this evening ~ here's a picture of the two monkeys, LOL. He's wide awake now....see his smile. I can't wait till his brace comes off and I can cuddle with him in his bed again....not enough room for me to fit too.
I set up a hair appt for next Tuesday on the 13th. I will be again donating my hair to Locks of Love. Dan isn't too excited my hair will be short again, but it won't be short for too long. I looked and it was a year ago today that I donated 11". So it took a year to all grow back. With our frequent stays at the hospital I see so many kids walking around with no hair.....I can give back! So I made a pack with myself that once a year I will get my hair cut and donate it to these kids. I will have to post before and after pictures that day. Well not too much to report today, Take care!

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