Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Great Day

My lil Eskimo!!

What a day yesterday was!! Danny was AWESOME in therapy....he surprised Ms Maria and Mr Scott with all that he could do. YAY!! Even with being laid up in bed for the last few weeks and in pain he was ON HIS GAME. Danny activated his toy, had purposeful movement, and even had the appropriate facial expressions during a conversation. We were talking about something funny and all of a sudden Danny got this smile on his face....let me tell you it would melt ice, LOL. Ms Maria has some new ideas that she would like to try with lil man in regards to purposeful movement which would prepare him for a possible communication device down the road...OMG! Can you say AWESOME!! All the things I was told he would NEVER due communicate was the biggest blow to NEVER hear MOM or I LOVE YOU I still have a hard time with this, but to know that maybe someday HE will tell me what he wants (maybe not in the English version but .......HELL who cares, if he can express to me in anyway what he wants that will MAKE MY DAY!!!) It's amazing how priorities change and how you look at things differently now. All I want is for my son to be "normal"....fight with his sister, run around with friends, sas back, and eat junk food. So much people take for granted!!!!!
Avrianna had a blast in Theatre class and she even lucked out not going to get labs....So a good day! She wasn't so lucky today for labs but now they are done and I can only hope no more in the near future. She was so brave until we got into the lab room and then.....well it could have been worse, LOL. She got a cool band aid and some stickers and then we were off to the library & dilly bars to "make it better". Again amazing what you take for granted....Avrianna is six and has been in for lab work so many times I can't even count. I would give anything to take those memories away for her, sigh!
While Avrianna was at Theatre class I went to GW (my cool way of saying Goodwill,LOL). I know I've been loosing some inches as my pants have been getting baggier, but I didn't know I lost that many, YAY!! So in your face Wii Fit, heehee. I can't believe it....I bought size pants that I haven't been in since High School. WOOHOO!! I'm still not at the weight I'd like to be at, but the size I am....isn't that weird, but I'm sure carrying my 55lbs son around is helping with muscle weight, argh!!! I've always been "Big boned" so I'm happy with where I am despite what Wii fit says. So again a good day....I was doing the happy dance in the dressing room and then had to show off my new buys to Dan (which I NEVER do!) LOL. I was so happy with have lost over 100lbs and get back to may HS size pants, ROCK ON!
Avrianna and I went out the house site today and they roof is starting go on, WOW. Here are some pics of lil mans room getting the roof put on!

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