Friday, January 23, 2009

A New Man

I'm simply amazed on how well today has gone, so far. Danny got his bath with no tear or whimpering, yahoo! The first issue was trying to get his butt up to put a new diaper on. I didn't want to pull up on his leg, but I figured out a way and he did VERY well. I even got....yeap a smile, he's my hero!
Here is the finished "product". I was given a CD with all Danny's previous to now xrays of his hip and spine to give to Dr Kasper. Unfortuntely I don't have the program in my computer to open it so I can't show his therapists or Dan, but the hardware that my lil man has now, WOW! This is a side view of his right leg and where his incisions are. They really look good!

Look PANTS!!!! YAY! It's the simply things, LOL.Clean boy, clean sheets, A NEW MAN! He wasn't too happy with the position he was in, Can yo tell?

He was crying when Mr Dan (PT) got here as I changed his diaper before therapy and I must have moved something wrong, sigh. I hate that fact that I "hurt" him. This is were the mommy/therapist line gets crossed. I am all hands on and do EVERYTHING for him but I would rather do the extensive stretching when the therapist is here. Let them be the bad guys..I will stretch him like I'm suppose to but not to the point where he is aggitated. I'll let Mr Dan be the meany for awhile, heehee. Right now he is "sitting up" in bed and I am monitoring his blood pressure closely to make sure he doesn't have issues being up right more, like passing out. He is doing well but is very tired with all of today's activities. OMG ~ did Danny do AWESOME with Mr Dan....He applied pressure to the hip, ranged him and Danny was OK with it. I haven't touched that leg since surgery so things are tight but I was amazed on how well Danny did when his hip was rotated, not one tear. The worst for Danny is the stretching right now not the hip as his right leg muscles are way too tight, yeap we got a few pouty weird, I was scared to death of moving the hip not the leg and it's the complete opposite. Of course prove me wrong Danny!!!!

I'm going to try (key word = try) to put his wheelchair back together. They had to take off alot of pieces to get Danny to fit in it when he was in his brace. I think I know how to put it back together, wish me luck. I have an appt scheduled on Monday for them to come out and put it back together but I don't like to wait (for all you that know me, heehee). So I'll attempt it and if I can't figure it out, I at least know they will be out here on Monday, lol. Dan if you're reading this, don't worry I'll put your tools back where I got them from!! Not sure if Dan and Avrianna will be back tonight or tomorrow so I have a few hours at least left of this quiet time.

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