Tuesday, January 13, 2009

ER visit ~ 2nd post of the Day

Yes I was at the Theda Clark Hospital ER today, not for any of my family members (per say) but for my extended family......Danny's Speech therapist! OH NO!! What we do for fun around here, LOL, NOT! Ms Maria slipped in our driveway when she got here and instead of catching herself with her body, arms, hands, hip, anything else then what she did..........HER NOSE! Yeap her face took the hit and broke right there in the driveway. I feel terrible!! She came into the house for just enough time to regroup and then I took her to the ER as she had a pretty large cut down her nose and it was evident it was broken as it was swelling and bruising right before my eyes, YIKES!! Danny hopes you are feeling better soon Ms Maria and Avrianna really hopes you are OK. Please let us know how you are doing! If I was smart enough I would have grabbed the camera and took a picture to post but I didn't get one, you're safe Ms Maria, LOL. Since Danny's been back on the schedule with therapy he hasn't done so well with it as things just seem to happen on therapy day.

I got a ride home as I drove Ms Maria to the ER and to her house in her vehicle. When I got home Avrianna was eating and ready to go to her Theatre class.....in a new outfit......FYI don't let the pages of those cool Explosion books from crayola (the black pages that turn funky colors with the special marker) get wet. I guess Avrianna did and then the pages bled all over her. Dan said she looked like a Smurf (remember them). He got her all cleaned up and ready to go so no worries. She is so excited for Theatre class as at the end of the session they are doing a play. I can't wait to see her....she is such a drama queen. This is what happens when a 6 year old girl gets bored.......Our family dog Bailey

Take care and stay warm! Now I hear negative 25 without the windchill on Thursday. Yeah, now my long hair is gone, NUTS I know, but it's only hair it'll grow back. Much to my surprise though Dan informed me he REALLY LIKES my hair this way and maybe I shouldn't grow it out, WHAT? Total surprise to me as he LOVED the long hair look. Good work, Erin!! Works for me, I just go with the flow.
Check out Cameron's site his brain surgery went well and on the road to his 2nd surgery in a few days. We're thinking of you Buddy!

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