Friday, January 30, 2009

PT, Xrays, & Shopping ~ 3rd Post of Day

What a day Danny had. Here's Mr Dan (PT) and Danny. Notice anything......Danny is holding his head up all by himself and sitting with a smile on his face, no tears, YIPPEE! He did so well with Mr Dan today as he was alert, smiling, and vocalizing the whole time. Sorry Ms Kristi, LOL. Mr Dan is impressed with the how well Danny can bend is leg this week. He said Danny has gained about 30 degrees of range in his right leg, Way to go MOM, I guess I am stretching him right. :0) We did find out that his right leg continues to be shorter then the left by about 1.5". Mr Dan even said we can try to put Danny up in the stander next week, OMG ~ I didn't think he'd use that till this spring or even summer. I am so excited that he is going to be up once again. I hope it's not painful, cross your fingers!
Awe, Isn't this sweet. Danny's holding his own hands....He's NEVER done that before
Here Danny is talking to Mr Dan at the end of therapyI took some pictures of his xrays so you all could SEE what I'm talking about. Here's my lil man. These pictures show the scoliosis of his back, the ITB pump & Catheter, and his new leg hardware. They took the xray with the brace on so the dots and buckle are from the brace THAT is NOT internal. His scoliosis bend is about 50 degrees to the right and the kypho bend (which means the spine bends forward) we did get a new angle of so we'll have to get that this spring.I changed the contrast to black on white....kinda coolThis picture shows the catheter really well and how it attaches to the pump then coils internally around and runs up his spine. The catheter was suppose to be in the base of his neck but it wasn't properly anchored and it has now migrated to his mid back, argh.These show his hip IN THE SOCKET when his legs are frogged and straight, YEAH!!! The plate on his leg is holding the leg together where they cut it...then the piece they cut was graphed up in his hip socket to make is bigger(up by the puck). I like these ones cuz you can really see the computer stuff inside the puck...modern technology, it's amazing!After therapy I took Danny out shopping with me. We went to go look at Stain glass that I am ordering for the new house. Danny loved being in that store....all the colors. Plus they had this Yellow parrot that kept squawking and Danny seems to love it. After that we went to visit his Nanny at her work. So he got ALOT of attention by all the women there...yeap he sucked it in. I had some stuff to drop off at GW (Goodwill) cuz this morning I cleaned out my closet and I FINALLY got rid of all those bigger clothes. Then we went shopping at Walmart to get some odd n ends, Birthday presents for my Niece and Mom, and Superbowl yummies. Danny sat in his chair like this for just over 3 hours and was in a great mood. He hasn't sat up in this position for that long EVER. YEA! He is usually very reclined. Things are working in the right direction!!!! Well time for night meds and then Danny and I have a date snuggling watching a movie.... Titanic! Thanks for following our story. Stay warm! Tomorrow is suppose to be a heat wave with mid 20's, but it's suppose to snow rain...will this weather ever get better. Please sign out guestbook or make a comment to let us know you stopped by.

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