Tuesday, January 6, 2009


We are slowly getting back into our routines around here. Avrianna has finished her school work and is outside (she's NUTS) playing with the neighbor girl and Danny is awaiting his first therapy since we've returned from Florida (a month ago today). Wow did we have alot of stuff happen in the last month, amazing! Now I know why I have BOXES (yeah who needs bottle when they have boxes) of wine stacked up, LOL. Gotta have my wine!! Yesterday Danny's vision teacher was suppose to come out but due to the the ice rink that was still in our driveway we rescheduled for next week. Today is Speech and the teacher, Thursday is OT, and Friday is PT.....they all come to the house and do therapy with Danny so at least I don't have to worry about getting him out in this weather or catching one of the wonderful bugs that linger in the schools. He has been doing well respiratory wise since surgery (knock on wood....I shouldn't have even mentioned it as Danny has a tendency to throw me curve balls when I think I've got it under control, LOL) and I want him to stay that way! I've been doing more and more range of motion with him through the day so he gets pretty wiped out by evening. I just feel bad that he has to lay in his bed all day and all night for 6 weeks, poor thing, so the least I can do is give him massages and range to get the muscles moving. That has got to suck being stuck laying down with your legs spread open all the time.
This week Avrianna starts her Theatre class and swimming. She is so excited to get back in the pool again. Not just to swim but to show Ms Stacy how well she is doing the breast stoke and to show her how much more energy she has. Avrianna thinks she can swim alot longer now and she wants to show it off. You GO GIRL!! She was doing so well in swimming before surgery that we were even asked if she wants to join a swim team (she just turned 6). I am amazed! So I am interested in seeing her stamina now after surgery. We've never had anyone in a swim team before so that would be fun. Avrianna has to go in to get some post surgery lab work done before her visit to the surgeon on Friday....YIKES! That is no small feet, she HATES needles, but can't say I blame her. I am going to get creative and take her today before her theatre class tonight so hopefully it won't be too bad. I'm so mean, I know!!
I've been doing some research on Avrianna's Disney Cruise and I think it will be a good time. I'm a lil disappointed in the lack of accessibility ~ it's a great family thing if you're ambulatory. Most of all the ports are not accessible so getting Danny off the ship and going sightseeing as a family is becoming an issue but I am working hard to get that changed. Avrianna was VERY disappointed when I told her Danny might not be able to get off the ship so one of us would have to stay behind with him. That didn't go well AT ALL!! She's such a GREAT big sister to Danny she loves him and protects him so much. I must be doing something right, LOL! At times I wonder what is the best and am I doing the right things, but when I see the devotion they have for each other I know, it's all good.
This morning our adoption social worker came over and we are going to put the adoption process on hold till May. I'm disappointed about it but with the miscommunication, scheduling, our travel plans it's the best route right now. So when we get back from Florida we will be working diligently to complete our home study so we can bring more joy into our lives with another child. I'm so excited!! Just wish this journey wasn't as hard as it has been on us....first not being able to get the lil girl overseas, last minute, and now because of miscommunication another delay. It WILL be all worth it in the long run!!
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Anonymous said...

Hi Lori,
I love reading your blogs. :)
I also belong to the yahoo group for disabled kids.
Wish I had half your energy lol.
Speaking of energy ... sounds like Avrianna has become a fantastic little swimmer! Woohoo!
Sounds like both kids are making a great recovery and I hope this will be a great year for you all.
How exciting to look forward to a new house too.
Linda ( from Canada )

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear everyone is feeling better. Just wanted to let you know that we went on the Disney cruise two years ago and it was wheelchair accessible. They have ramps on and off of the ship. The stores on the Islands may be tricky. Hope you have a great time!
Missy Plutz