Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Speech Therapy

It was a good day!! Didn't get the full smile but there was one. Mr. Scott brought out "fun" stuff for Danny.... they played in snow which Danny definitely had a reaction to, he brought his hand up and pulled away, YAY, Purposeful movement! Then Danny played with Play Doh and really liked that, really really liked that. We switched to Floam but that wasn't too hot in Danny's world. It's great to be able to see Danny's reactions to things. Then Shaving cream, WOOHOO! Danny enjoyed that too and then he smelt like a manly man for the rest of the day, SNIFFFFFF!Finally I have some pics of Ms. Maria and Mr. Scott. Here they are during Danny's therapy yesterday. Danny did very well with them. He even talked to them, Yahoo!! Way to go buddy, talking to the speech therapist even, not a common thing for him. I did get a video of Mr. Scott and Ms. Maria singing to Danny, Frosty the Snowman, but I'll spare them is so cute though! The principle came out to to observe the visit and Danny really seemed to notice that there was someone NEW in the house so he was all resevered but then when Danny realized it was a guy he warmed up alil. I say he's sick of his mom and likes more guy interaction. All that testosterone, ya know, LOL.
Here they are reading him a story....Did you notice.....wait for it...wait for it.......He's BACK IN HIS CHAIR, YAHOO. I can get him up and out of bed!!!!!Do you see the smile.....On Danny!! He's playing with the Play Doh and with Mr. Scott.Here she is......the face......"Really I have to have my picture taken"! Thanks Ms. Maria, we Love You. You would have never known she broke her nose two weeks ago, except for it happened in my driveway, doh! She looks great! We're glad you're back!Ms. Maria brought out a Mac computer that has programs in there for Danny. He Loved them! Dan was even in amazement with how excited Danny was to play with it. Boy does this open a whole NEW door for Danny's communication. Thanks to you guys in Florida for jump starting the process.....I'm one happy Momma!!!! Now that both places are working towards this's wonderful. Here is Danny reading a book to Avrianna, WOOHOO!
Here is Avrianna and Tyler playing this weekend....they played so well together!

I love this picture...the colors! I bought them these T-shirts last week when Danny and I were in Milwaukee at Children's. Here are my babies!!

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