Friday, January 2, 2009

Video of Danny Talking - 2nd post

Sorry I was unable to get all the video's on one's the next one. I will post the video of Danny playing with his pig next. They take FOREVER to download! I've been trying for the last few hours to just get 3 videos, argh.

This next one is......yeap I got him chattering up a's awesome. Here's his VOICE! I think he realized I wasn't going to leave him alone so he'd better just show it off to me, LOL. Isn't he a ham? I wasn't too sure I was going to get anything from him yesterday as in the afternoon he was having a rough day. He cried alot, so I couldn't take it anymore. I picked him up and sat in the recliner with him. I HAD to cuddle with my lil guy!! Thank god we have an over sized rocker recliner as we took up ALL of it, heehee. I got to cuddle with my lil man, YAY! He even fell asleep in my arms, smile!! So that tells you what I did in the afternoon, NOTHING but cuddle with lil man! I got sucked into one of those Hallmark movies so that's what Danny and I did. Isn't it great I got to watch a sappy movie with my babes in my arms, how WONDERFUL. After his nap he was in such a good mood, hoping I had alil to do with it too :), so I got the camera out and hoped for the best. This is what I got!

Here is the Link to You Tube...I find this easier. I am still working on the pig one!!

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