Monday, January 19, 2009

Holy Kringla!

Speckles didn't make it through the night, very sad :( . So we fished (no pun intended) him out of the bowl and put him in the freezer with the receipt and we'll exchange him next time we are out. Not too bad 1 out of the 4 fish died (so far, LOL).
This morning we had 3 different meetings with contractors working on the house. We were very busy this morning, but got alot accomplished!! I'm getting more and more excited to see the house completed.
Then this afternoon we made Kringla. This is a tradition I started 5 years ago. It is a Norwegian cookie that Dan's relatives used to make when he was a lil lad, heehee. I started with an old recipe and after many blah batches of cookies I've finally tweaked it to a very tasty treat, yum. Now everyone asks me to make this things or for me to give them MY recipe. I only make them twice a year, so that way we don't get sick of them. Here is my lil helper, isn't she adorable!!

Thanks for following our journey's. Take care!

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