Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mr Jiggles!
Here's a video of Danny with Mr Jiggles ~ aka the PT vest. Now you can see what I'm talking about and why we call it Mr Jiggles. This is the second vest therapy already this morning is it's only 9:30am, argh. Danny woke up this morning very whiny and congetsted at about 6am. His face is flushed but no fever as of yet...probably just from the labored breathing. He is pooling his secretions in the back of his throat so it sounds like he's drowning at times, sigh. Amazing what a cough would do but his cough reflex sucks...a cough? What we take for granted!! I'm hoping the increase of Mr Jiggles keeps this crap out of his lungs. The moral of the story is we just can't go out as it will bite me in the butt about 24 hours later, ugh!!

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