Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Upper GI & Pump refill

What an evening here at the Osero household last night! I went to bed around midnight because Danny needed to be NPO (nothing to eat) after midnight for his upper GI at 11 today. After I went to bed lil Ms Avrianna came in saying she had a I crawled in bed with her. Then around 3 Mr Man was crying....I finally got him settled back down around 5 and took a few hour nap, WHEW! Needless to say I'm dragging my butt today, LOL. But managed to get myself ready and BOTH kids a bath before having to leave at 10:30 this morning.
The anxiety level was HIGH as I was returning to the hospital that the kids were delivered in. I'm getting better though, so that's good. I even managed to pop my head into the NICU and show off Danny to the docs and nurses that took care of him. Another BIG step for me, but I'm very glad I did it....It was great seeing you guys once again! I gave them our new website so they can stay up and with our journey's too :).
Danny's upper GI went well. Under an X-ray they pump a barium dye into his stomach through his G-tube to see if he is having any serious reflux and how his tummy is emptying. Everything looked pretty signs of reflux (at that moment) and his tummy emptied into the small intestines well. WAY TO GO!
Then we went up to see Dr Edgar for the baclofen pump to be refilled with new meds. I told Dr Edgar about the laughing spell the other day and asked about it being a seizure. I know, I know, I should just be happy about it, but Danny has NEVER done that before EVER. And yes there are seizures that do that, he said. So I am going to re post the link to the video of Danny laughing so he can check it out. Even though it was awesome and it made me cry.....I need to make sure he is ok and safe. Amazing how you have to take a laugh SERIOUSLY. I also rocked the boat alil and requested a MRI of Danny's head when we get back from Florida. I haven't seen images of his brain since he was days old. I want to see what REALLY happened to him. Dr. Edgar, bless his heart, warned me of what I might see (or lack there of) and he wanted to make sure I was OK with that. He asked why I wanted to see his many don't or won't. I'm so in the needed to know with my kids and I just NEED to know. I know it won't change how I feel about Danny and I can't change how he is, but I want to see his brain. I want to see the damage to get a better feel of why/how things play out with him.
Well I need to get rolling as Avrianna has Pioneer's and then she is going to a Valentine's craft so I need to get her ready and get the last of her school work DONE! Thanks for following us!

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WhitneyBooze said...

Busy day, but you handled it well ONCE AGAIN!!
I don't blame you for wanting to see another MRI. I would too.
The video of Danny laughing was glorious. Congrats!!