Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Grand Caymen

Last night we had our formal dinner and let me say.....I had the best dressed family on this ship. I can't wait to post pictures! Danny was even in a suit and tie, heehee. I will try to post pictures, but they don't always work on this connection. Food is good, sun is better, and getting used to this live style is hard...NOT! The first night was not the best for me or Danny, but we are all having a great time. Today we went to Grand Caymen and looked around in some shops. Then came back to the ship...Avrianna and I went to the pool (I got burnt, sigh) and Dan and Danny took a nap. Tomorrow we port in Cozumel and that were Avrianna get to due her Dolphin excursion and she is so excited! Thanks for checking in on us....we're doing well!

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