Thursday, February 19, 2009


Poor lil man has gotten a full blown ear infection! Yellow goo is coming out of his right ear, right eye, and his face on the right side under his eye is puffy. YUCK!! I called up to Dr Kasper and he faxed over a script for an antibiotic. I was hoping the ear drops would clear it up, but no go. After 4 days of drops it is continuing to get worse. UGH! I can only hope that it clears up enough for the cruise and that C-Diff (a nasty bug he gets when on strong antibiotics) doesn't come to visit on the ship. That would be terrible for everyone. So needless to say Danny hasn't gone to the pool since we've been here, but he is still enjoying not being bundled up. He has been sleeping MOST of the 24 hour day then being up (like only up for 4-6 hours) for the last 3 days, so I am keeping a close eye on him. Never a dull moment, hey?
Well Avrianna and I are off to get some last minute things to pack for the trip. Take care!

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WhitneyBooze said...

I am so sorry Danny has the 'sickness' - that just stinks.
Hope he feels better soon, and hope he DOESN"T get c-dif. You're right - it's nasty.

What are you all doing in FL? For such a long time? Do you go there every year to excape the cold? Do you have an extra house there? or are you just going this time because of the cruise?

Take care,