Thursday, February 5, 2009


This mornings eval went awesome with the Assitive Tech for Cesa 6. Once again I was wow'd with all the ideas to help Danny. We are going to try a different switch with Danny, start making some books that interest Danny (computer programs that we can make books about anything family, elmo, spinoza, therapist the list is endless, yea can you tell I'm excited), and the BIGGY.... They are thinking of getting him to try a power chair and activate it with his switch....I know this is crazy. I am spinning here. He did so well when he activated his switch to make the scooter go so maybe he will enjoy this too. Danny always tends to prove ME wrong and enjoy things that freak me out, I guess that's the BOY in him. I can't wait to see what kind of reaction we get from him with all these new ideas. I'm always for helping Danny be apart of his world and for him to enjoy being in saying: "You NEVER know what he will do.....Unless you LET him try! He is my HERO!
Then we were off to the dentist, sigh. The anxiety was VERY HIGH when we walked in the door. She picked up on the fact she just got her teeth cleaned last she MUST be there to get her cavities filled (they were no fault of her own as they came in with cavities?). I had thought she might put her brave face on cuz her brother was there, but NO GO! She cried and sobbed and that's before we even got in the chair, YIKES! The dentist came in and just told her that if she wanted me to stay in the room she needed to relax or else I would have to go wait in the waiting room till she was done.......Avrianna did what he said and calmed down, sigh. Then he put this jelly on her gums and then............................THE SHOTS! They were over with and NO TEARS, OMG! They put the sealer on her back teeth and filled the two cavities and we were out of there in 30 minutes. She got done and said "mom, I didn't feel even the shots". OMG what a different experience....the only thing I can think of is the last time she cried so hard that the numbing gel came off and she was so tense she felt everything. I'm so glad the experience for her was better. The only issue now is at dinner she asked me if she had something on her gums....this is what I saw, not sure how or why it is there, but it's there. It doesn't seem to bother her much so that is good
And the close up sorry for the graphics :o)

The sassy face!
We have more roof, are some updates

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