Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hanging out with ........ 1st post

Spinoza Bear who is Danny's best friend! This bear is awesome! If you don't have one I highly recommend him. Please click on him and see what he is all about in more depth. He is made to be a special need child's pal....he sings and tells stories about coping with issues ie: being different, loss, relaxation, friendship, and much more
Here is the video I did of the two this morning. I am trying his switch at his head to see how he does with it there. It seems Danny's movement is ALWAYS his head goes to the right, the left arm goes up & down and and right arm goes side to side (in this order). So to me I would think the head is a better place from him to activate things as it's the first to move then the rest... and for a lil boy who "can't move, (HA)" that's alot of body moving before his right hand activates things. Well we'll see!! Enjoy
(Now that I figured out to insert links on here....all you have to do is click on the words ie: Spinoza Bear and video and that will directly get you to the page...modern technology it's great, once I figure it all out, LOL)
I will post later today of Avrianna's party. It's a great day!!!!!!!!!!!

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Meghan said...

You could try his left hand, too. Jeromy does better with his left hand than his right. (Especially if Danny's left hand goes up & down - good for switch activating).