Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Make UR Day!

OMG ~ Ok this is what I woke up too...I flew out of bed thinking he was crying and something was wrong. Then this is what I found and he did this for about 5 minutes. Something hit his Funny bone. I was able to get a video of it.....YIPPEE!! I haven't see or heard this in OVER 2 years. It made my day! I hope it continues as he has Ms Maria (ST) and Mr Scott (teacher) coming today and I would LOVE to share in person :o). I am on such a HIGH now!
I was able to redeem myself with my hair stylist ability....The salon was open early this morning and I gave Dan & Avrianna hair cuts. No oop's either, LOL! Now they will be gorgeous for the Father Daughter Dance on Friday night. I will post pictures of them in their formal attire on Friday. Avrianna is SO excited! Tonight she has her Theatre debut so I'll post later tonight of that...she cant' wait!
Here are some pictures of my support group last night (aka our Ladies night). Thanks guys....I don't think I could be where I am TODAY without all your help and support. You guys ROCK!
Connie & Myself

Myself, Sharon, Jaime, Lori, Leah, BrendaLori, Leah, Brenda, Myself, Sharon

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