Saturday, February 7, 2009

We're having a HEAT WAVE!

We're having a heat wave, A tropical heat wave....sing it with me! It was gorgeous outside today if it didn't hit 50, it was close. After dropping Avrianna off at the Appleton Art Center for her sib shop Danny, Connie and myself walked the Ave. Yeap we were cool, lol. Danny even had his sunglasses on, YIPPEE! I wish I had a picture, but I didn't have the camera with. He is so COOL with his sun glasses on, and don't forget handsome. We went to Starbucks for some R&R, then we walked down the road for lunch, and then walked it all off. Yeap alil backwards but hey you know me :o)
Avrianna had a blast at the sib shop. She made a family mobile, It's awesome! Then I took her to my sister's house to play. I came home and cleaned, getting it ready for when we leave for Florida (the count down has begun). I got ALOT accomplished! Seriously, Does the laundry EVER END? Danny was supervising me....he's really good at it. He makes sure I'm not dilly daling around and that I'm doing a good job. Thanks buddy! I got suckered into letting Avrianna sleep over at my sister's so she should be enjoying herself. Ha....I get the bed to myself, YAHOO! It's the small things, ay? Sweet Dreams. Dan is still up north so I get the whole bed to myself, awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwe. He called tonight and I guess he has all the lumber he needs cut down so they just have to get it on the dray and up to the shack to have it plained into the timbers needed for the house.
Tomorrow Avrianan's Wish Granters are coming over for a lil Wish Party send off. She doesn 't know about it so I'm totally excited for her. I will post some pictures tomorrow evening. Avrianna can't wait to get on the Disney ship...I don't think she can even fathom how big it is going to be. Any of you guys been on the Disney cruise line and have some pointers for me? I always like to be prepared (that's the OCD coming out, heehee)
I got a hold of Dr Kasper and he said that either the dentist lanced her lip or she chewed it (when her lip was numb). I looks good to him so I guess just let it be and let it once again, RELAX MOM! I can't help it, sorry.
What a busy week we have in store for us. I have an old (no not in age, smarty) friend coming for coffee on Monday. I got back in touch with her on Facebook...I'm so addicted! Also Monday night I have my monthly support group(Parent 4 Parent) meeting with a bunch of mom's that have a child with a disability. What a support group! They are great! It's wonderful to be able to sit back and relax at happy hour with them BEFORE the meeting. Yeah doesn't that tell you how much FUN we have. This is definitely not the A typical support group and I love it. So if any one is intersted in joining, meet at the Thompson Center on College Ave at 6:30 or give me a buzz/email/jingle and you can meet with us BEFORE the actual meeting,lol...It's for any parent/caregiver of special needs children. Avrianna has her theatre show on Tuesday night and she can't wait for all the drama, lol. Therapies as usual in the week for Danny Tuesday (speech), Thursday (OT), and Friday (PT). Wednesday Danny is schedule for an upper GI to take a look if he is having reflux issues again, and then up to the fifth floor to see his Neuro (Dr Edgar) to have his pump refilled and possibly set down some more. I get my hair cut again on Thursday....I have to get used to this every 4-6 week thing again. Last month was the first time I cut my hair in a year. I am going to my hair style like this for I've switched my "good deed" to donating Blood n Plasma. WHY NOT? It's only blood, I grow more, and alot of people need it. I guess I have a rare type 0+ so even more of a reason to do it, right? Friday is a special day....Dan is taking Avrianna to the Father Daughter winter formal dance n dinner. She is Ecstatic! I will go out and get them flowers, Avrianna already has her dress n shoes, and we'll have a girly afternoon doing hair n nails. I have to get the RV packed up and the house clean as one week from today we'll be heading it south for some much needed fun in the sun.

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