Sunday, February 22, 2009

Troubled Waters!!

Sorry I didn't update sooner...but it was very eventful on the ship for the first day. We got on the ship around 12:30 and went to eat some lunch at the buffet on the 9th floor while we waited for our rooms to be ready and the bags to be delivered. The food was very good and the excited for overwhelming. We got on board smoothly so that part when WONDERFUL! Once we got to our room Lil man decided to have the biggest and grossest blow out diaper I have EVER seen. So needless to say he had a new outfit on and we needed to get a new comforter for our bed (we haven't even left the port yet!). Once cleaned up we went for a walk to tour the ship and make a schedule for the evening plans. Around 4 we had a mandatory safety drill that went smoothly. To find out some how my camera's card got wiped out...not sure if there was a magnetic Field of some sort that we went through but we all the pictures we took are GONE, sigh! I was able to reformat the card and now all is good. So we went around to retake some of the pictures we could. Then we went up to Goofy's Pool stage to got to the send off party. It was a blast! Avrianna danced her heard out and Danny loved listening to the music and kids! Then the second blow out happen, agh! But I managed to save the outfit. Ok this is NOT GOOD! I have decided to discontinue the antibiotic to off the ship cuz this has to stop....I only brought one package of diapers (which should have be more then I'm not so sure). After that we went down to dinner at Lumiere's (it was done up like a scene in Beauty in the Beast). I managed to make it for about an hour and then I had to go to the bathroom (and FAST). So I didn't finish dinner or so anything else for the evening but have a date in the bathroom. Motion sickness ~ SUCKS! Danny stayed behind with me and watching TV and had 2 more blow outs, argh!! Dan and Avrianna went to the night show and ice cream. Dan was the hero last night...TOTALLY! This morning I feel ALOT better and i'm going to get ready for the day. I can only look forward to the rest of today and put yesterday behind us. Like I say NEVER a DULL moment with us. Well here are some pictures that we DO have.

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