Sunday, February 22, 2009

Key West

In reading this mornings post I see I wasn't all with it (well as much as I thought I was) cuz some of it didn't make any sense. Well we stopped at Key West today and it was a nice time. We did some shopping and then back to the ship. Avrianna has been occupied most of the day either at the Club or Lab. This morning she made Flubber in the lab. Right now she is making a flower then off the deck 7 for games and fun, and then to Goofy's PJ party. They have it set up here at the ship that if you want to.... you drop the kids off and they can have a FULL fun filled day with the counselors. They page you if anything happens or if she wants to be picked up. I couldn't see sending her there all day, but we do drop her off here and there for some fun with the other kids. Well off to have a fruity drink with an umbrella in it....Take care! Will post later! I see some of the pictures won't download properly so I will try later.

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