Monday, February 16, 2009

We Made it!

Hello faithful followers!! We made it and are just about all settled in. What a trip! The weather wasn't in our favor Friday night. About an hour before we were to depart it started to snow, sigh. Which wouldn't have been bad, but the ground was warm so the snow melted right away until it hit freezing temp....then it was a winter wonderland of ICE! The trip from my house to Chicago (which normally takes 3 hours) was 5 hours long and a slippery mess. I drove 45 mph and that was the fastest the RV would go without fish tailing. I was on guard!! I counted 9 accidents from my house to Milwaukee, yikes. I stopped driving around 3 am and then Dan took over, but not for long.......about 30 miles down there was a HUGE accident, just into Indiana, and they closed the freeway, yeap shut down the whole there we sat for 1.5 hours at 3 in the morning. I went to bed for some much needed shut eye and Dan got out to chit chatted with the semi drivers. So needless to say we are investing into a CB so we can be alarmed of this set back BEFORE we get stuck in it. The worst was we just passed a truck stop about 1 mile back so if we would have known early enough we could have stopped there and we all could have gotten a better night sleep instead of hanging out on the freeway. WOW talk about destruction in Kentucky....the whole state, on HWY 65, It was so sad to see, just about EVERY tree along the way was up rooted or broken in some way. From what I was told this isn't even the heart of the ice storm. WOW what a mess that needs to be cleaned up...well they won't run out of mulch or fire wood, heehee! So with the weather set back and the accident we were about 4 hours behind schedule already, ugh!! We still managed to get to the condo about 2:30 yesterday afternoon so we weren't too bad with time. The RV is cleaned out, washed, and already in storage. We just have to drop the sewer later today and then it will sit till we leave to go back to Wisconsin the end of April, but we won't talk about that yet, LOL. I have pretty much everything put away, Avrianna is doing her school work, and Dan & Danny are watching some TV (aka trying to stay out of my way, LOL). Here are some pictures of our travel...
Avrianna liked this Bridge coming into Kentucky as it looks like an A.
So sleepy!?!
Just kick back and relax ~
Here is part of the crew just getting into FLORIDA ~ with the windows open and yeap feet hanging out, LOL.

This bus is MONTGOMERY GENTRY'S bus ~ WOW exciting...yeap I'm a Country Bumpkin, but they didn't come out, sigh! They were stopped in Georgia at the same gas station as we were at.I will post again later. Thanks for checking in on us!

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