Friday, February 6, 2009

He's UP

Danny had a great PT session this afternoon. He did tummy time without too much complaining and he got up in his stander. He did wonderful! You can even see a smirk on his face.Maybe even a smile? MAYBEWe haven't gotten him all the way up....but he's UP, YAHOO!Avrianna has been helping me clean out closets, start packing our bags , and cleaning of the room with bedding. We've been very busy merry maids today. Here is her mouth this afternoon...I think it's getting worse as the day goes on. UGH!
Tomorrow Avrianna has another sibshop day and this one is at the Appleton Art center from 10-1. She is so excited! They are to bring in some pictures of themselves and their family for a mobile that they are going to do. She is so artzy fartzy! It's just me and with both kids this weekend as Dan went up North again to finish cutting lumber for the new house (old house for sale and info w/pics are to the left in Our Stories). Take care! Thanks for stopping by to see what's going on. Please take a moment to sign our guestbook or make a comment to let us know you stopped by.

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Jamie Bork said...

YAHOO! That's fantastic Danny! I'm so proud of you. He looks wonderful in his stander Lori. Hope things keep going well. Avrianna - Oh sweetie, hope your mouth feels better soon.