Friday, April 17, 2009

Sleepy & Congested ~2nd post

Well Danny is being in TRUE Danny form. This last few days he has been more lethargic then normal and now today is congested, ugh! I have started doing Mr Jiggles more, in hopes to knock the "crap" out, heehee. Leave it to Danny to be "off" right before we have to leave. The only bonus with this is I got to tear the condo apart, clean it, and put it back together again. Plus I have pretty much everything packed to go home, now I just have to get it in the RV. I am hoping we can spend the weekend enjoying the Florida weather, but something tells me Danny's got something up his sleeve.
Yesterday was Danny's last therapy at KIDspirit, so sad. Avrianna bawled the whole way home...she's going to miss that place too. Now doesn't that show how awesome a place and how wonderful the people are there! Love you guys, we will miss you!!
Today Danny was suppose to have his last therapies at the house from the school district, but Danny wouldn't wake up. So the Teacher was pretty much out to just pick up the equipment and I called the Speech therapist to tell her to not come out, it would be a waste of her time. Sorry :( .....we'll see you guys next Fall and I hope Danny cooperates for you guys better.
Dan flies in late Sunday night and I know we are all VERY excited to see him. I'm sure after 2 months of being alone with me the kids are sick of ME. They can't wait to have their daddy around. We plan on starting our travels back to WI on Tuesday so if things go well we should be back by Wednesday/Thursday. It all depends on how many times we stop.
Our walk is on May 30th so ~ Please pledge your donations HERE and sponsor us in our walk for the Fox Valley Sibling Support Network fundraising walk. To read more on the FVSSN
Our friend Matt is out of surgery and doing well...keep praying for an easy extubation so he can be back on his bipap soon.
Thanks for following us!!

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