Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter w/Danny ~ part 2

He's UP, Yahoo!!! He got up at 1 this afternoon. Avrianna excited to "help" Danny open his things. He is in such a good mood, must have been the sleep, heehee. He was talk'n up a storm for awhile.(love this movie, but so needed the whole box of kleenex! Doesn't help Bailey is getting up there in age and health, sigh)Danny's new buddy ... Goofy who talks and sings when you touch his belly (Goofy's not Danny's, LOL)YAY!! Danny is sporting one of his new silly T shirts.....This is My Happy Shirt (Thanks Linda & Collin). He also got a This is My Lucky shirt.She is loving her new swimsuit from Linda & Collin. What a poser? She must get that from her dad, LOL.
We spent a few hours at the pool and now I'm going to make some dinner....I'm sure Avrianna is going to have us watch the movie's again. I think there is going to be a good Extreme Home Makeover tonight, so we'll have to break for that.
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