Sunday, April 12, 2009


Happy Easter from The Osero's !!

The Easter basket hiding places.....I believe next year the bunny is going to have to get alil more creative .... 10 minutes and they were ALL found, heeheeI need to see if they make these bigger....she LOVES playing in here, but she's getting to BIG, darn kids they just don't listen. I tell them both to stop growing ALL the time, LOL
Ok ~ this is Easter right? All this is before my neighbors and good friends stopped by with a second hall. Boy the kids are LOVED!! They deserve it ~ but I'm going to need a bigger place to fit all their stuff, LOL. My Easter Lily that my Grandparents & Aunt/Uncle bought me finally bloomed and it smells awesome in the condo. SNIFFFFFFFFF! Danny once again has decided to sleep the Easter Holiday away....he's out! I'm kinda sad about that, but more sad that he can't participate in the day anyway, sigh! Always mixed emotions with the Holiday's. Once he wakes up we will open his's driving Avrianna nuts as he got a movie she really wants to watch. Here he is with all he's "GEAR".
Making her phones calls back to WI wishing everyone a Happy Easter!Now this is the way to spend a Holiday.... He loves the pool...look how good he looks and how BIG he is. He's so damn handsome!!! If he wakes up this is what we plan on doing the rest of the day...and watching movies ~ Avrianna got High School Musical 3 and Danny got Marley and Me
Yes....she spends most of her time under water, she has gills I swear.
Yeap she has to come up to breathe once in a while!Thanks for checking in on us!! Wishing you All A VERY Happy Easter! If lil man wakes up I plan on getting some more pictures...stay tuned!
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