Saturday, April 18, 2009


Today we went on a walk around our I thought what a great photo op time. You all know I love taking pictures....maybe I was a photographer in a past life. Seeing I love to take them, now if I could only be as good as a pro. Well here are my babes!Avrianna says I'm suppose to say they are in a JUNGLE....that's what she thinks this looks like.Ok ~ this is one of my personal favs cuz look......what for it......they are BOTH smiling :o). Did I get that, heehee.

I took this one after Danny's bath on his tummy time.....OMG isn't he an angel. Those eyes! I'm no professional photographer but I have to say .... not too bad :)
Mattman was successfully extubated this afternoon.....thank you prayer warriors! Danny and I can't wait till we can meet him personally. Those two boys are and do some much of the same things ~ BOYZ! I am so glad his spine surgery is over with and the recovery has began for Matt.
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Andrea "The H family" said...

Danny is an angel. And that is an awesome pic. Loved the pictures!! And yes, you can be a photographer. I started out with my point shoot. YOU CAN DO IT!

Andrea "The H family" said...

p.s. Fb drama. (I'll blog it)