Wednesday, April 8, 2009

One Year Ago! ~ 2nd post of the day

You reach for the stars ~ Girl! Anything is possible and you're proof of that!!
Today marks the one year Anniversary of Avrianna's scare, her Aplastic Anemic Crisis. One of the scariest events for her short life. One year ago today her blood counts were 4.9 and dropping, she spiked a high temp, required 2 blood transfusions, her bone marrow stopped producing new cells, and the words meningitis were coming out of the doctors mouths. I've never been so scared for her life....I thought I was loosing her. I happened all so fast! Within 30minutes of my phone call to Dan he had hoped on an airplane to come down to Florida and be with us. Boy ~ what memories, yikes! She was never back to her old self after that episode. Thankfully she did escape meningitis and any real serious side effects for her crisis. With her getting her spleen and gall bladder removed this last December she is a totally different girl with in a year. I'm so proud of you Avrianna, with all the you've endured in your lil life and your still smiling! You are my HERO!! I love you

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