Thursday, April 23, 2009


Well we got in last night at midnight. The trip wasn't too bad, well as good as 30 hours inside an RV can go, heehee. This morning I got to sleep in some, then the cleaning began, LOL. We were able to clean out the RV, clean it and get it put away. YIPPEE! Then inside I got the laundry done, and most of the things organized. I still have to put some of the clothing away, but we did pretty good in a days time. I even got a chance to go out to the new house and check it out. I did forget the camera, but I will be going back tomorrow for a meeting and I will remember to bring out the camera to up date you all with the progress. It's amazing!!!
I'm getting concerned about Danny though....go figure, nothing goes smoothly. I haven't seen the whites of his eyes since yesterday. He slept through the night, ALL day today, and it looks as if he is going to continue tonight. He didn't pee on his own ALL day either. You would think cathing him would get him to open his eyes at least alil, sigh. His stats are doing well, but I still don't like that he isn't waking up. I will be watching closely and if he isn't more awake tomorrow I will be bringing him in. He just wants to see Dr. Kasper, Danny missed him, LOL. I will keep you up with all of this.
Avrianna settled back in well. She played most of the afternoon with the neighbor girl and tomorrow it's suppose to be in the 80's, YAY, so I'm sure she will be outside most of tomorrow too.
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