Sunday, April 5, 2009

Nanny's Visit & The Beach ~ 2nd post

Bye Nanny ~ We MISS YOU already!!My mom left this afternoon and is already in Wisconsin....with the heat on, heehee. It was a very sad day around here. It was great having my mom around! Avrianna turned on the BIG crocodile tears in the airport once my mom made it through security, she is really going to miss her play mate and sleeping partner.

Well I am going to catch up with some fun pictures of our time with Nanny and the Beach
Me and my little man down by the beach....well as close as Danny and I like to be..... In the Bar, heeheeAnd this is as far as I get in the Ocean!!!! Not an ocean person (there was a shark attack the day before we were here, ugh)But she is......I'll just put my feet itThe waves are getting meI might as well go all the way
Mom did you bring me some more clothes?
Nanny and her beach buddy
Think she was having a good time......HI!! Nanny chill'n out with her cuddle bug
Avrianna thinking she can still "hold" Danny.....they are so CUTE!
My mom, My Aunt, and My grandmother
My grandparents
The Birthday Cake I decorated for my grandma's 75th birthday on the 2nd
Tomorrow it's suppose to rain here and the temps are suppose to drop for the next two days. Like in the 40's over nite.....lately it has been HIGH humidity and temps around 88. Great weather from my mother to visit.
Avrianna starts her Gymnastics Camp tomorrow that continues while the kids here have spring Mon-Fri and Mon.-Tues next week she will be at camp from 9-3 each day. She should have a blast, but I bet she is going to be tired. Danny has PT at Kidspirit tomorrow too, so a busy day around here. I am going to try and clean the beach out of the van and do some cleaning around here while Avrianna is gone. Then she needs to hit the books when she get back from camp. Thanks for following us!

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