Sunday, April 26, 2009

Rain, Rain, GO Away!!

It's raining, it's pouring the old man is snoring.....LOL. This is the second day in a row of rain, ugh. NO MORE RAIN!! How cold and depressing? It is pouring right now and the farmers field is starting to look like a pond not a field, sigh. I would like to be back in the fun and sun of Florida where it only rains for at most an hour not DAYS. We do have a fire in the fireplace and there's no other way to spend a day like this...with my family, drinking coffee, and sitting by the fire....Ahhhhhhh
So I'm going to post some happy stuff....Our House :) I would like to thank, from bottom of my heart.....Custom Family Homes (Mike, our general contractor) and all the sub contractors involved in helping us finish this home. Mike has gone above and beyond the call of duty to help maintain functionality and the "Country Sheek" in our home (with Mike having a daughter with some disabilities he understands). I am so excited about the house and it's progress now. I know the road hasn't been the smoothest but we are now on the right path of making this house our "Dream Home" not a nightmare. Thanks Mike, you are now apart of our family (not sure if that's a good thing?).
Well here are some updated pics as of Friday. The whole roof is now shingled and the window are in! They are starting the dryvit and siding.Our front entry way... cedar beamed peak...the wood was cleared and cut by Dan at The Newood in Spirit Falls, WI (Dan's home away from home in God's country). Thanks Dan it's Gorgeous!
The brick and stone starting to go on the garageDanny checking the place outAvrianna playing in the rocks/mud in the retaining walls by the walk out in the basement. Why is there always a drive.....MUD = KID
I am so hoping this rain stops as the pool is suppose to start being dug tomorrow and with all the mud this rain is producing, ugh......I'll have to bring extra clothes for Avrianna to change into, heehee.
Danny is doing better. He was just catching up on his sleep, I guess. Yesterday he finally pee'd on his own all by himself, Yay! I gave him/us one more week off of therapies, so I can get myself in check before people start coming over. Friday is our first therapy back in Wisconsin with PT here at the house. Danny has done some pretty amazing things in Florida so I hope we can show him off to Mr Dan (PT) here in Wisconsin.
With that said, I suppose I should get the rest of my trip stuff put away....yeap totally procratinating on this one, heehee.
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Anonymous said...

Hi Lori! The house looks wonderful. When is it expected to be finished? (wow...and it's many square feet?) Are you having track lift installed in bathrooms or bedrooms...I've heard of it, but have never seen it. Well, I here the train tracks being torn apart and Ian yelling at Alex, so I better go. Hope to see you some day soon.
Jenny Gill (Missall)