Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What a Day!

Ok my day started off pretty relaxed as I has anticipated the day to get "busy" in the afternoon. It definitely did not go as planned but still was very productive. After I showered and got the kids out of the bath I planned on making some phone calls and emails while we were doing school today.
I received an email this morning stating that Avrianna's lab from last week did indeed show antibodies for the Parvo/fifth disease so that means her Aplastic Anemic Crash was due to that bug. We now don't have to worry about her ever getting it as she already got it, that is a big relief. I then called central scheduling to make a consult appt with the surgeon that would be doing Avrianna's gall bladder and spleen removal. I sat on constant ignore (hold) for ever and then the nurse came back on stating:

Nurse -- I see you live in Neenah
Me -- Yes I do
Nurse -- well I just called the Fox Valley Children's Hospital where Dr. Oldham is doing clinic right now, he said he would wait for you if you could get there in the next 15 minutes
Me-- Are you serious, please tell him we WILL be there

Ok when does that ever happen....getting into not only see a specialist the same day but a surgeon. WOW! He was very nice and answered some of the questions I still had for both procedures. I feel alittle better not only with her surgeries but with some of Dan's issues too. Some of you may know but the blood disorder that Avrianna has was inherited from her father. He had a more severe case when he was an infant but with his surgery happening years ago and him not wanting to go into a doctor when he should I got some of those questions answered too. She needs to get some additional immunizations done which are scheduled for next week and then they are requesting another ultrasound of her abdomen (also being done next week) before the surgery. I will be calling in the next few days to see when we can schedule both the gall bladder and probably a complete spleen removal. If they are both done as complete organ removals it can be done laproscopically ie: less scaring, less recovery, but alittle longer procedure time, and higher chance of post spleenectomy spesis (so I will be doing some more research and talking more to Dr Kasper before I TOTALLY make up my mind).
After that appt since we were already at Theda Clark I went up to Rehab to see if they could get Danny in earlier for PT so we didn't have to come back. Again wow, they could get him in. Then realizing I would be late to get back home for speech therapy through the school I called them and asked if we could due a field trip to the school for therapy today as it is right down the street from Theda. They said that would be great! Mr. Scott and Ms Maria sang him songs and helped Danny paint his own paper apple. Danny was very interested in what they were doing and it was great to see Danny's eyes follow what they were doing. Make me wonder how much he can REALLY see. It was fun! WOW - now we are batting 3 for 3 that normally doesn't happen to me, if one thing in the day gets off then it's a snow ball running down hill, but NOT today.
Just as that was getting over with I received a call from Danny's Respiratory therapist that the cough assist is in and he would like to drop it off, GREAT! I'm on the way home. I just had to stop in and get my new glasses and I then I would him at the house. Another big piece of equipment but if it helps. I didn't see any discomfort from Danny when we tried it out on him but again I didn't see it helping him cough either. So we'll see.Danny is doing well....I think all of the junk is stemming from allergies as he doesn't act like he has a cold. I think he just accummulates all his sucretions and then when he gets over loaded he doesn't know what to do with it. Most of today he was prefect. It's probably because we got this new machine here and he knows it so he's going to be on his best behavior, what a stinker, but if just having it my house wards off all evil (quote Dr. K) then let it be. LOL
I also called and Danny's new wheelchair and floor sitter are in, except for the head rest. Once all the pieces are in Mike will bring them out and Danny will be riding around in his new wheels, Yay! I'm so excited as the old chair just isn't doing what it should anymore. I will take pictures of him in his new wheels.
Unfortunately with the unplanned hectic day I was unable to go out and watch the blasting for the basement, but it was a very productive day and it amazingly went VERY smoothly. So we stopped at the golden arches for a happy meal for Ms Avrianna, a shake Danny can sneak some tastes, and a mocha coffee for mom and we're going to sit and relax the evening way.
Monday is our first homestudy home visit with the new adoption agency. I am so excited that our adoption journey is starting again and on a good note. Another strange small world thing. This weekend I met a women who comes from the same country and has the same name the lil girl had that we tried adopting this spring. Just made me think about her again!
I hope all is well with you. Take care!


Angoraknitter said...

wow, same day appointment is amazing! I'm so nervous for you. I suppose endoscopic partials aren't happening there? I know someone does partials in Wisconsin, but I don't know if anyone was doing them endoscopically. Frustrating.

Adoption, wowee, that's cool! What a wonderful blessing it will be for the child who will one day come to your home.

Cameron said...

That's good to hear, it's amazing how many things get accomplished on those "smooth" days. I know that even those transient Aplastic Anemia crisises are are difficult to go through, but at least now you know the root cause. And thankfully it was only a transient case.