Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ok I know I try to be rational on things, but this hip thing is giving me grief. I have all to information on how his hip is effecting him now and how it should effect him after the surgery, but I still can't get myself to pick up the phone and make the date. I guess with the last surgery on his ITB pump it has made me gun shy with all this. That was complete hell for Danny and myself and not to mention to results weren't really what I was anticipating with the added issues that weren't told to us catheter slipping, floating puck, yadda yadda yadda! ARGH. With Danny only have one hip being out it is actually worse then if both were, cuz at least the pelvis would be more leveled out with both out. His being only one he sits "off" causing his back to curve more, and then making it uncomfortable and harder to breath. So theoretically when the surgery is done he should sit straighter being more comfortable and breath better. So what's my problem?????!!! I am going to try and schedule it soon. There are more pros and cons so I just need to bite the bullet and do it. I posted a new picture in the link for Danny and his equipment as today he got freight train leg immobilizers when in PT. He's not too sure about them yet but it makes transitions in and out the stander easier and to stretch out his hamstrings more.
I got some more calls from the school therapists today and the calendar is filling up. So far I have heard from vision, PT, water and OT. So exciting to get them back and then Danny can get a REAL work out. Watch out now Buddy, LOL!
Saturday is our Make A Wish walk/run and I'm so excited to participate in it. We will be accompanied by Danny's BFF Griffin and his family.

It will be good to get together with Connie and her family. This summer has been so NUTS I haven't been able to get out and just hang out with my friends. I'm hoping Danny will corporate enough so we can have a good time. If you haven't yet please support us in our walk to help make children with life threatening disorders have their wish come true. Click on the link to the left, the last days to pledge us is Friday! I will post pictures of us later on Saturday, I hope.

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